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As MBP® is a protein in milk, can I get enough MBP® if I only drink milk?
Studies have shown that 40 mg of MBP® per day can effectively increase bone mineral density. To consume such a large amount of MBP®, you need to drink about 800 ml of fresh milk every day, which is equivalent to 550 kcal to get enough MBP® to help increase bone density.

An easier and more direct and effective way to get MBP® is to drink 1 bottle of Snow Brand MBP® Drink daily.

I have habit of drinking high-calcium low-fat milk or taking calcium tablets, so my body has already absorbed enough calcium, why do I still need to take MBP®?
Unhealthy bone cells cannot effectively use the absorbed calcium to make bones. Calcium is the material for making bones, but Osteoblasts is responsible for the bone formation process. The most important thing is to balance the activities between Osteoblasts (bone formation cells) and osteoclasts (bone destruction cells) to have healthy bones.

No matter how much calcium we absorb, if the Osteoblasts themselves are not active, we cannot use the absorbed calcium to make bones.

MBP® can stimulate bone formation by Osteoblasts and also inhibit bone resorption by Osteoclasts, and then activate the bone metabolism.

How long do I need to take MBP®?
Bone metabolism is very slow, so the habit of drinking MBP® should be maintained for certain amount of time. In some clinical trials, bone mineral density rose after 6 months ingestion of MBP. At the same time, bones are constantly renewing themselves daily, it is important to drink MBP®-containing products daily.

If I cook food with milk, will MBP® in the milk be lost?
If milk is used as an ingredient for cooking, we recommend that milk be added only as late as possible in the cooking process to reduce the loss of MBP®.
Adding MBP® to coffee, tea or warm water at 50-60 ° C will not damage the MBP® ingredients or reduce its effectiveness.

Can I drink MBP® products during pregnancy?
Breast milk also contains MBP®, so MBP® products are absolutely safe for women during pregnancy or breastfeeding. MBP® is a protein in whey, and whey is also a substance in breast milk, which is not harmful to babies, so women during pregnancy or breastfeeding can continue to drink MBP®-containing products with confidence.

Will MBP® be broken down in the stomach and lose efficacy?
The function of MBP® does not affected by gastrointestinal digestion. Experiments have confirmed that digested MBP® has the same effect on osteoblasts and osteoclasts as undigested MBP®. This proves that the key components of MBP® is not affected when passing through the stomach and intestines.

Does MBP® stops the auto-regeneration of bones while inhibiting osteoclast activity?
MBP® is thought to have a function that suppress the excess activity of osteoclast and to promote bone regeneration. MBP® is a trace protein found in cow’s milk and breast milk, and does not stop all activity of osteoclast but has a function to suppress excess bone-destroying activity.