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Magical effect of MBP® MBP® is a natural milk protein present in trance amounts in bovine milk discovered by MEGMILK SNOW BRAND. It effectively supports the formation of healthy bones by stimulating the activity of osteoblasts while suppressing excessive destructive activity in osteoclasts. Honorable Achievements for MBP • Companies from the United States have purchased the award-winning MBP from Snow Brand and added it to local health foods. • Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd. Was bestowed the prestigious 2005 Institute of Food Technologists (ITF) Industrial Achievement Award for MBP in recognition of an outstanding food product. • In January 2006, GNC, an US nutrition chain stores, purchased the award-winning invention MBP from Snow Brand, and produced a nutrition product called “Women’s Ultra Mega Bone Density”, which was officially launched in the United States. • In September 2006, Snow Brand MBP was approved by the US FDA GRAS (Generally recognized as safe.) Four Major Functions of MBP® • Increases bone-forming osteoblast cells • Stimulates osteoblastic collagen production, helps calcification • Suppresses bone-destroying osteoclast cells • Maintains healthy bone metabolism, tissue and structure